Affordable Luxury Interiors

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Affordable Luxury Interiors

A lot of people are under the impression that luxury interiors is expensive and not affordable to many.  They think that because furniture is custom designed and made to fit the space, that it is more expensive than store bought furniture.

We want to quell that misconception and tell you that we do affordable, luxury interiors for our clients, with bespoke custom made furniture without compromising on the quality at all.

I design interiors with value for money in mind, and I make sure that the finishes chosen are of a very good quality but does not cost a fortune.  I cleverly use materials that are mostly locally sourced and my designs may look like a million dollars with the glamorous and luxe feel that my interiors are known for, but it doesn’t cost top dollar.  By using basics for large items of furnishings I am able to use more expensive fabrics on smaller items so as to end up with the look and feel I am after, but without breaking the bank.

It takes skill to use the money wisely, where it makes a difference, and to use more cost effective finishes and materials where it is not necessary to over spend.  I am used to designing with this in mind and am proud to say that my interiors are affordable to most people and the value I add is priceless.

I have been designing and manufacturing furniture by reputable factories for the last 23 years and my furniture is made to last a lifetime.  I believe in good design, quality, and timeless interiors.  When I visit a repeat client 10 – 15 years after I have done their home, their furniture still looks great, and that is how it should be.

It is so important to have interior design drawings done of the plans of the home, so that the space planning is done perfectly, and the furniture shown on the plans with exact measurements, so that everything is manufactured to scale.  There is nothing worse than spending money on store bought furniture that when it arrives at you home does not fit properly.  A couch that is too big, a coffee table that is too small, it is such a waste of money.  That is why spending a bit of money on the proper interior design of your home and having the correct sizing of the furniture manufactured is so important.

Very early on in my interior design career I found that the stores had limited designs available, and that I could not find everything I was looking for, not the right design, size or materials and that is when I started having my furniture custom made.  I could choose any design I wanted, I could choose any fabrics or materials I wanted and I could have it made any size I wanted.  I have never looked back and that is the only way that I can do unique, bespoke, proper designs and have my interiors be the way I want it to be.  I am not limited to anything and anything I or my client can dream up, I can do.

Apart from the interior design and décor I also do the styling of the home if the client requires.  I source objet, artwork and accessories to suit the various areas, also personalising it with family photos, prints or items and art acquired from the client’s travels.  Again, the correct styling of a room makes the world of difference as this is what pulls the entire look together and just finishes it off nicely.