Waters Edge


Working very closely with the client Cheryl designed a practical, functional, warm and inviting family home, where the unique needs of each family member was taken into consideration.

Luxurious fabrics…
The client’s desire was to have a relaxed yet very sophisticated home to fit their lifestyle. This was achieved by designing bespoke furnishings that matched the brief, upholstered in luxurious fabrics in mainly monochromatic hues of bronze, taupe, metals, linens, and other neutrals, adding just the right amount of pattern where required.

The family can therefore live in their home without being concerned about the furnishings as it was designed and manufactured using the correct hard-wearing materials and fabrics for a large family whose beloved pets are allowed share the sofas. It is a home to be proud of, yet can be very much lived in, with every room having its function, and absolutely no space being wasted in the design concept.

The soft colour palette for the wooden furnishings were kept in light shades of oak, and the cabinetry in neutral tones of greys and putty, creating a very tranquil setting for the soft furnishings and curated accessories that fill the space.

The large kitchen is the heart of this home, stylishly finished with engineered stone tops, bespoke cabinetry in solid oak and integrated appliances to ensure its practicality as well. Added to this, touches of rose gold and bronze metals permeate the space, giving it the warmth and luxurious feel that the client imagined, immediately setting the tone for the rest of the house.

All the bathrooms feature beautiful porcelain and hand painted tiles, elegant sanitary ware, marble and Caesar stone tops and textured wall paper that is highlighted by gorgeous light fittings, giving each bathroom its own character that suits whichever bedroom it is a part of.

The bedrooms were designed specifically for each family member, taking into account their likes, wants and desires, ensuring that each space has its own defined personality. The master suite is a haven of luxurious textures. Beautiful hand blown glass pendants flank the large upholstered headboard, and the contemporary crystal chandeliers hanging in the dressing room and bathroom create rays of incandescent light that dance off the walls.

The living areas are very relaxed, with comfortable furnishings inviting you to dream the day away. The audio-visual equipment is housed in custom designed cabinetry and the fully integrated system allows for the various living areas to be used for different entertainment requirements at the same time.

The indoor swimming pool was tiled in tones of deep blue and charcoal mosaics with a few fluorescent tiles in between that illuminate when it’s dark. The pool room ceiling is a deep midnight blue, dotted with an array of tiny fibre optic lights, giving it the sense of stars in a night sky. There is a full length of folding doors wall to wall, which open up completely, revealing the garden and the beach view, allowing the space to truly create the indoor/outdoor living experience.

A dance and photographic studio has been specifically designed for the family’s hobbies and has a fully sprung, professional dance floor installed, as well as specially fitted ballet-barres and mirrored walls.

The floors in the house have been laid using selected oak, with carefully hand-picked large area rugs adding colour, pattern and softness in the various spaces.

Artwork that has been gifted to and curated by the clients have been selectively placed throughout the house, as well as adding a few newly-commissioned pieces like the painting in the lounge which perfectly covers the door leading into the technology control room.

For the basement courtyard Cheryl used the six-meter high wall to create a full length water feature, and had an artist customise the pieces that dive out of the waterfall. Other interesting designs can be found in the lift which has holographic wall paper panels, flowers growing out of the ceiling and it also features word bubbles depicting the family’s favourite sayings.

Efficient, stylish design throughout this home allows the three levels to flow effortlessly into each other. This project is an excellent example where Cheryl’s skilful and creative work has exceeded the client’s expectations. Imagine what she could achieve for you.