I absolutely love doing renovations for my clients.

Most often my clients are very happy in their home and with the location.  But as their Family grows, or as they may have been there a long time, or they have just bought a really old and dated house because of the location, I am asked to step in and design something suitable for them.

Taking a house from drab to absolutely fab is what I love best.  When we look at the before and after photos the transformation is unbelievable.

With a keen eye for detail and a good sense of unlocking the value in a dated or old property, I am able to give my clients the home of their dreams.  When I step into an old property, I don’t look at what is inside the home, I look at the walls, the windows, the space in general and I start picturing what I can do to bring it into a state of functional beauty and practicality.  The old furniture, joinery, wall colours, old wall paper, dated glazing and lighting does not bother me at all as I see beyond that.

We sit with our clients and do a full consultation of their requirements before we embark on the interior design drawings.  We move walls, doors, windows and change ceilings wherever we have to, to optimise the space and make it everything it should be.  We spend many hours on the interior design concept as this is for me the most important aspect of any renovation, as it is for new builds.

Once the interior design has been finalised we then choose the finishes that will be part of the canvas of the house, like the flooring, tiling, mouldings, paint colours, light fittings, joinery finishes and colours/materials, counter tops, and everything else that goes into the wetwork of the house.  Seeing the finishes being installed is such an exciting part of the project as one’s design ideas start to unfold.

When the wetwork is complete, we then install all the window treatments, furniture and hang the artwork.  This process takes days if not weeks, and the site seems to be in a state of organised chaos until the last bit of cleaning is done and dusted.  The styling is the last thing we do, making sure all the finishing touches are placed and edited with keen observation, which can and does take hours.

This is when we step back, marvel at the completed project and breathe.    And then do the hand-over to our client – which usually results in tears of joy from them.