Once we understand your personal tastes, we will endeavour to find or manufacture unique furnishings and decor to make your design dream an eye-popping reality




We work closely with you to understand your design dream, and then we employ the most reliable architects and builders to bring your designs to life





Impressive interiors are more than just attractive decor. The interior design of a particular space is what makes it standout. However, it needs a good architectural / structural base to do so. We work closely with the architect, builder and sub-contractors to ensure common understanding of what is required. Changing Spaces has decades of collective experience, always prioritising the need to keep updated with all current trends (both international and local). We can assure you of the best product and personal service to fulfil your needs.

We are able to design, guide and assist with the entire process of creating new spaces for our clients – whether they are your home, office or the hospitality industry. We have a comprehensive understanding of the building process and as a result, design spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but functional – whether to live, work or entertain in. Our passion is design and this translates into the entire project. Kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces and special features that make a home unique are transformed, becoming well-loved places long after the project is complete.

Changing Spaces is also able to assist with the choosing of all the finishes required as well as obtaining the quotations from various suppliers/sub-contractors on the client’s behalf if necessary.


Changing Spaces uses various, well established manufacturers to produce custom designed furnishings including couches, chairs, tables, beds, linen, headboards, scatters and window treatments. We also facilitate the manufacture of all custom made office furniture. We prefer to design furniture that fits a space perfectly instead of trying to make a showroom floor piece work within a space. In this way, we can choose the exact fabrics, trims and fillings etc. to ensure your furniture pieces are absolutely unique creations. With Changing Spaces, the possibilities are endless.

Object, artwork (which can also be commissioned) as well as carpets/rugs and accessories can be selected in conjunction with the client to pull together a look and add those final touches.

Changing Spaces’ diverse range of products and services as well as our absolute passion for all things creative ensures that we can step up to any challenge with the absolute certainty of a very positive outcome and another satisfied client.