Furnishings / Decor


Changing Spaces uses various, well established manufacturers to produce custom designed furnishings including couches, chairs, tables, beds, linen, headboards, scatters and window treatments. We also facilitate the manufacture of all custom made office furniture. We prefer to design furniture that fits a space perfectly instead of trying to make a showroom floor piece work within a space. In this way, we can choose the exact fabrics, trims and fillings etc. to ensure your furniture pieces are absolutely unique creations. With Changing Spaces, the possibilities are endless.

Object, artwork (which can also be commissioned) as well as carpets/rugs and accessories can be selected in conjunction with the client to pull together a look and add those final touches.

Changing Spaces’ diverse range of products and services as well as our absolute passion for all things creative ensures that we can step up to any challenge with the absolute certainty of a very positive outcome and another satisfied client.

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