Table Settings

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Table Settings

I absolutely love beautiful table settings for dinner, lunch or tea parties. I can spend hours browsing stores for stunning crockery and ceramics as well as pretty cutlery and glassware. When I host a party my creative juices start flowing and I spend a long time nurturing my passion and choosing all the decor for my table.

Celebrations like Easter and Christmas are my very best as I bring out my decorations that I get to use once a year.

Every year I choose a different colour scheme for my Easter Table. My staple decorations like my ceramic bunnies are White and I then add colour and pattern in the form of the crockery, place mats or table cloths, napkins, glassware, flowers and other suitable accessories.

Last year my Easter Table colour theme was Black, White, Green and Gold. I wanted to have a nature theme and I used green glasses for a pop of colour as well as green and white foliage. I snaked some green ivy down the centre of the table between the table decor for some extra foliage and greenery, bringing some more nature to the scheme. The plates and underplates were a mix and match of Black and White patterns. I enjoy layering the crockery for an exquisite elevated look. The choice of gold cutlery worked perfectly with this colour scheme adding just the right amount of glamour, and the cutlery was placed in cute grey offbeat felt bunny cutlery pockets with little bobtails. I decided not to use a table cloth as the light wood table top was the perfect backdrop for this setting.

The white napkins were folded into cute little easter bunnies. I added a few gold and green foil wrapped choclate Easter eggs to add another metallic texture to the table decor as well as a ceramic bunny tiered stand with green, blue and white Easter eggs which add to the table decor.

I love a personal touch and here I had hand written name cards which makes my guests feel welcome and they know where they are seated. This means no standing around waiting to be seated and allows me to change the seating up a bit too, placing people next to someone they could get to know better or feel comfortable next to, depending on the guests. I also sometimes have a small gift for each guest which I place on the side plate or just next to it, depending on what it is.

Around the house I have other Easter decorations and Easter eggs to add to the general theme and decor.

Candle light and beautiful decor creates a relaxing atmosphere, and is conducive to long leisurely luncheons or dinners with Family and Friends.