When Enrica van der Linden, the owner of Enrica van der Linden Architectural Design, was contacted to update a Victorian home, the brief she was given required a renovation that did not detract from the original form of the home. “The brief also required better bathroom layouts, in particular a new en suite bathroom, as well as to create a kitchen that was openplan,” recalls Van der Linden.

The original property was on a grand scale and was a good example of Victorian architecture. “At the same time, there had been additions done to the home that were more modern, which afforded a revisit to the form and function of the areas. The property was well maintained, but needed to be restored,” says Van der Linden.

Undertaking a project of this proportion comes with its fair share of challenges, and “there are always challenges in renovation work as you don’t really know what is ‘beneath’ or ‘concealed’ until you open up and start excavating”, she says. “We incurred some structural challenges due to the old building materials and these were overcome by either having to rebuild sections or find solutions with modern materials to waterproof areas that could not be rebuilt.”

She says the highlight of working on a project of this scale was presenting the concept to the client and “encouraging them to accept my design ideas, which then resulted in more than what they bargained for… and it was for the better”.

Post-restoration there is a lot to be admired in this home, but Van der Linden’s favourite spaces are the living, dining and kitchen areas that now have spectacular views and lead out onto the balconies and patios.

“There is much to be said for restoring more c lassical homes. When preparing a renovation design, it is important to look at the design from all aspects and come up with various solutions. There are so many ways to alter an existing home, within the same brief. The best solution finds its way out very quickly,” says Van der Linden.


Cheryl Herweg, the owner and interior designer of Changing Spaces Interior Design, offers these tips for home owners who are considering a home renovation:

  • Find an interior designer you can trust and work with as they add huge value to a project and can save the home owner a lot of angst and prevent them from making bad and sometimes costly decisions.
  • Have the interior design drawings and choosing of finishes done and costed before the renovation commences so that you know exactly what the total cost of the renovation is going to be.

With thanks to Changing Spaces Interior Design and Enrica van der Linden Architectural Design


SA Home Owner
Text: Trisha Harinath
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enrica van der Linden Architectural Design

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